How To Choose A LED Grow Light

How To Choose Grow Lights


Here are some important things to keep in mind when choosing an LED grow light.


Area you need to shine light on: First step you should do is think of the area that needs to be covered. When knowing this, you can decide how many LED lights you will need, and which type of LEDs will provide the best coverage. In order to cover more space, more lights can be placed next to each other.


Stages of Plant Growth: If you need a full growth cycle, you can select a full-spectrum LED grow light to assist in all phases. The full-spectrum LED grow lights fuel your plant throughout each of the growth stages. This replicates the sun’s effect on the plant growth.


Angle of the LED Lens and LED Light Bulb: Also look for the angle of dispersion within the LED bulbs. The best angles gives the most coverage of light while the lesser angles mean less coverage and more direct light(direct light that might dry out your plant faster).


Color of LED Grow Lights: Natural sunlight is the ideal light for starting seedlings. With full-spectrum light bulbs, you can come pretty close to replacing the sun. Full-spectrum fluorescent bulbs replicate around 90 percent of the solar spectrum. Recent innovations in fluorescent bulb technology have resulted in new-style bulbs that are lower in profile and higher in efficiency than standard fluorescent bulbs.


Duration of Grow Light: Most vegetables are “long-day” plants, which mean they require 14 to 18 hours of sunlight (or artificial light) each day. A rest period is equally important for healthy growth, so be sure your seedlings also get at least eight hours of darkness. This also prevents the plant from drying out.


Grow Light Intensity: Seedlings need lots of bright light, and when they don’t receive enough of it they get tall and leggy. In some cases, even the sunniest windowsill will not provide the intensity of light they need. The best solution is to grow your seedlings under fluorescent grow lights.


CFL Grow Lights: Beginners often start small indoor grows with CFL bulbs, since they’re cheap and easy to get a hold of, though they lack the power of dedicated grow lights. CFL lights are what are usually suggested for small indoor growing.


LED Grow Lights: LED lights are more powerful than CFL grow lights and other fluorescent lighting, but they are more expensive. Currently, LED Lights are probably the most expensive type of grow light you can buy. LED grow lights can work great for growing indoor plants, but there are lots of bad LED sellers out there trying to make a quick buck, so you need to make sure you buy LED lights are from a company that you can trust and has been reviewed.


Full-Spectrum LED Grow Lights: Full spectrum LED grow lights are a new grow light on the market and many growers are not familiar with these new lighting systems. People believe the giant fluorescent lights are the best grow lights to use for an indoor garden, but they aren’t. Full spectrum light systems are better because they act like real sunlight. Some growers have claimed; higher yields in their crop, they are cost efficient over time, do not over heat(require less fans), full-spectrum lights do not flicker and their full-spectrum LED lamps need replaced less than other hot-lamp lights.


Replacement Bulbs: To get the right size bulb, look on the fixture or the old bulbs for the “T” (tube) size. Conventional “shop-light”type fixtures usually fit T-12 bulbs.


Budget: Depending on your budget, begin researching LED Grow Light fixtures within your budget.


Here are a few suggested indoor grow lights to view for your indoor grow:


CFL Grow Light: Apollo Horticulture 125 Watt CFL Compact Fluorescent Grow Light Bulb for Plant Growing
Cost depends on size and will range from $14.99 – $46.64.
1 – 125-watt Apollo Horticulture CFL Grow Light Bulb for Indoor Plant Growing / DIMENSIONS: 14″ x 3″ x 3″ / 120V/60Hz / E39 Mogul Base Socket
COLOR SPECTRUM: 125W CFL bulb produces a warm white light to promote plant and herb growth. Suitable for your home grows, indoor garden, grow tents, greenhouses, and other hydroponic systems.
E39 SOCKET: These bulbs feature standard E39 Mogul sockets for quick and simple installation. These multipurpose bulbs are also great for photography lighting. Comes in sizes 2100K and 6400k.

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Indoor LED Grow Light: 1000w LED Grow Light,Super Bright Full Spectrum Double Chips Growing Bulbs with Protective Sunglasses for Greenhouse Hydroponic Aquatic Indoor Plants
Cost is low at $129.99 and save 5% with this coupon. Enter code 4W9MYHEF at checkout.
Your coupon will be applied at final checkout.

Newest Technology Dual Chips—1000W LED grow light has dual-chips(2pcs 5w chips in every led)LEDs, which is much brighter and more efficient than traditional 3W and 5W LED grow lights. It is the HIGHEST PAR/LUMEN OUTPUT PER LEDs.
Full Spectrum—The light include red,blue,yellow,white,IR and UV. The complete and ultra-efficient spectral output provides indoor plants at all growth stages with everything they desire in the natural sunlight
Durable & Bright—100pcs LEDs, per 10w can provide your plants with super high brightness.Light lifespan is 50,000 hours.Perfect for indoor plants,vegetables and flowers.

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Full-Spectrum Grow Light: 50W LED Grow Light, Venoya UV IR Full Spectrum UFO Plant Grow Lamp Bulb for Indoor grow
Cost efficient at $38.88 – $58.88, different prices depending on the two styles: Dimmable grow light panel and UFO Grow Light.

FULL SPECTRUM: 6 Bands of LEDs with spectrum 390nm-730nm, including UV IR Red Blue White. Plants can get the spectrum they most desire from this grow light.
ENERGY-SAVING: 50W UFO grow light panel with 250pcs super bright LEDs, replace 100W conventional grow light with only 35W consumption. More LEDs and output than other grow lights.
SPECIAL DESIGN: UFO round shape with air flowing cooling construction grow light, excellent cooling capacity with no fans no noise.

Link to purchase the Full-Spectrum Grow Light: CLICK HERE



Reputable LED Grow Light manufacturer: Advanced Platinum Series P150 150w 12-band LED Grow Light – DUAL VEG/FLOWER FULL SPECTRUM
Cost is a little more pricey at $229.00, but quality products may need replaced less. The amount of broken/burn out lights can add up very quickly.

Platinum LED lights have the HIGHEST PAR/LUMEN OUTPUT PER WATT of any LED grow light! 2x-3x the intensity of any other lights!
SUPERIOR 12-band full spectrum from the depths of UV to the heights of IR – The most complete and efficient spectral output available.
Selectable VEG/FLOWER switches with 2x high speed whisper quiet fans plus ALL NEW upgraded aluminum cooling heat sinks.

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Very High Quality LED Grow Light: Advanced Platinum Series P9-XML2 855w 12-band LED Grow Light + CREE 10w XM-L2 w/ DUAL VEG/FLOWER FULL SPECTRUM
This light is on the expensive side at, $999. The quality of this light could be well worth the investment.

PlatinumLED lights have the HIGHEST PAR/LUMEN OUTPUT PER WATT of any LED grow light! 2x-3x the intensity of any other lights!
COMPLETE *12-band full spectrum* including UV/IR + 2x White 10w CREE XM-L2 LEDs per cluster – 38% higher output than older XM-L models!
Selectable VEG/FLOWER/BOOST switches plus ALL NEW proprietary one piece integrated 90/120 degree focusing lens system

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