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Anyone who is serious about using grow lamps at home will be aware of the benefits and satisfaction that it can provide. In fact, the grow lights are one of the most important components of the whole set up. Unless you are blessed to be living in the perfect climate, with plenty of sunshine and heat, then grow lights will be vital to help produce a successful crop.


As with many other electric supplies involved with growing herbs at home, the lights you choose can turn out to be really quite costly. There are several things you need to take into account when thinking about buying lights. You need to know what you expect from your lights before committing yourself to a purchase.


This article is going to run through some of the most vital points of grow light buying and will hopefully help you realize your needs and budget. Finding grow lights on sale can be quite easy, especially if you head to the internet sales giant, Amazon.com.  Amazon will be the place to head if you are shopping with a budget, especially if you don’t mind pre-owned or quality-seconds goods along with brand new In box items.


What Is Your Budget?


The main factor which will determine the power and quality of your grow lights will be dependant on your budget. Obviously, the more money you have available to spend on your grow light set up, the better your plants will grow. However, sometimes you can buy an alternative light set up such as a 1000w LED full spectrum grow lamp kit and receive results which will be pretty much the same.

1000 watt LED Grow Light Kit For


Growing herbs at home will require lights, a planting medium such as the Vertibloom Living Wall, and a grow tent. The grow tent is entirely optional, but it does allow you to have better control over the humidity and temperature of the plants growing area, along with easy to control light levels.  Your lights should cost around a quarter of your total budget, so if you can find grow lights on sale, then even better.


How Much Can You Afford For Electricity Each Month?


This is something that many people forget to take into consideration when buying their herbal grow lights. They see a cheap set up and snap it up without checking the wattage, power output, and total running costs over the period of the month. Unless you generate solar power that can feed your light set up for free, you will want to select grow lights which are eco-friendly.


If you can only afford an extra $100 a month for your electric bill, then you are either going to want to be growing your plants in a greenhouse with plenty of natural sunlight pouring onto the plants, or opt for a lower watt light system. Many electricity suppliers have different tariffs for different times of the day.  If your electricity is cheap at midnight – 6 am, then this is the ideal time to make use of your lights, and then try to get natural light to them during the day.


Knowing your available budget beforehand can help you avoid nasty surprise bills at the end of the month. If you have the money for it, investing in a solar panel to supply free electricity to your lights and hydroponics can save you an absolute fortune over the long run.


To learn more about how to choose LED Grow Lights please read this other article on our blog: http://www.howtogrow.com/2017/09/09/learn-about-gardening-methods-4/


Where Are You Growing?


As noted earlier, where you intend on growing your plants will also play a role in the type of grow lights you will need. If you are growing plants in a dark space, such as an attic, loft, or basement, then you are going to need some powerful lights. These will also need to be left on pretty much 24/7, especially if there is no natural light at all entering the growing area.

grow lamp LED kit close up shot

If you have an attic or loft space which has skylight windows, you can use this to your advantage. While artificial lights and UV are great for your plant, there is nothing quite like some sunshine on the leaves to help keep them strong and healthy.  If you are using a grow tent, such as the Gorilla grow tent, then lights will be vital too. This is because of the heavy fabric used by the grow tent, which blocks most natural light out.


Where To Buy Grow Lights Online Cheaply?


As with everything online, you get what you pay for. When it comes to grow lights for growing cannabis at home, Amazon is the best outlet for such supplies. However, there are also plenty of other outlets, such as Alibaba, and lightinthebox.com. Between these 3 sites, you will be able to get a complete grow light set up regardless of your budget.


Another amazing place is Facebook. You should check out your local for sale groups where you can get some amazing bargains, which could literally save you $100s when compared to buying it all brand new. If you value low prices and decent quality, then you should definitely take a look at Amazon first.


Final Thought On Grow Lights


As one of the main parts of a successful growing set up, the lights should be a part which is not purchased too cheaply. While everyone wants to save money when buying things, some items are better if you invest just that little bit more.  You can either spend a lot, but on a regular basis or spend a bit more, but as a one off. The choice is yours and will depend on your starting budget.


If you are doing a little sideline business with what you grow, then you can look at upgrading your lights at a later point in time. When growing plants at home, buying cheap grow lights can be both a positive and negative experience. Safety must always come first, and more expensive lights tend to have better safety features, however, the extra price can sometimes be off putting. Cheaper lights are better for the bank balance, but may not last as long. Know what your requirements are, plan your budget wisely and spend some time to shop around first.